time is running out

here i am in another weekend. it seem yesterday i just got my weekend, but now, what a hell time is running so fast. N i dont know what suppose to do, coz all assignmnet is waiting. Just sitting in front of the fuckin pc but too scare to open ms-office. I cant write the report, coz im not a perfectionist one, i just need to wait until one last moment to do my work. Its not easy, sometimes i only finished my work, yeah just finished.

i always encourage myself, i should do that i should do this hahahhahaha during this week. it still the same. never change. tomorrow is saturday, i should go to the city n dentist, dont have time to write, and also on sunday, i intend to hang arround, just walkin, n sitting in the wierd place. n throw away all of the assignmnet burden. im not stress, i just a bit shock with everything that was happened here. study and back to school again, it seem not so easy, but i believe i can handle it, coz i dont want everything to be easy in my life. i like challenge as well as stressing. I miss all of that stuff after im working, now………challenging….im challenge you.

no pic at thi smoment

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