closing time

today, friday 22 of june 2007, the last exam end, however there are two exam that i should done before it finish. the exam start at 9.30am sharp, it’s mean that i should depart from my lovely home at 8.00 but my classmate pick me up at 7.45 (too early), we catch the bus at 7.55 and arrive at coulfield at 8.15, still a bit sleepy coz lack of sleep the nite before we decided to go straight forward to the exam venue (approximately 10 minutes walking). there were only few people in race course and the weather was 8 degrees, geezzz so cold and we starting to open the same lecture notes and read it quietly, but the cold distract our concentration and make us feel uncomfortable.

09.30 the exam began and finish at 12.40, but this is not the end for me, coz i still have another exam at 3.30 until 5.40. fiuh whats a hard friday. after finishing the exam i just wanna go home and sleep, watch tv, and rilex. yeah, i did it. there is nothing i cant do except rilex while waiting for the result. just like the last semester, i didnt expect that i will get a good result, coz i did the exam badly. i only hope i can pass this on…

the holiday agenda: sports for sure, swimming, gym, and running. whats a wonderful winter.

see you on the next semester

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