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items overdue

just open my monash portal this morning, to check e-mail, book loan status, and any new information. i was so surprise when i read ‘9 items overdue’ and ’21 items loan’, i though i only have 3 items overdue last friday, but 9 items? for each overdue item i should pay 50c, not too much if you only have 1 item overdue, but 1 x 50c x  5 days equal to $2.5, plus 8 books x 50c x 2 days equal to $8 so if i return the books today the’ll fined me $10.50, and i already got $10 fined so my total fined will be $20.50, i dont have to pay the fined if it not exceed $25 per academic calender year. but $20.50 is very close to the maximal limit, where i still got 5 items that will due on 2nd of june, 4 items due on 3rd of June, 1 item due on 9, and 2 items due on june 12. i also got 4 items avalibale that need to be picked up and it will expired on 31 of May..gggrrhhhhh should go the library today.

image source: monash university-matheson library


WP 2.5 interface

This is only general idea about the new free WP 2.5 dashboard interface. I used to with the previous version of WP dashboard interface and when there is a little change on the WP 2.5.1 interface, I feel a little bit clumsy but that not irritate me much.  I am not talking about the feature that they offer in the latest WP version, and I think the features are still great. I am using WP since 2006 and never complaint about the interface.

First finding, the use of red/orange color for visited menu. All of the menu in the dashboard will change its color from blue to red/orange when you click it. It is good to use contrast color to distinguish the menu, but red/orange seems like an error message and negative to me. Maybe it is better to use other color that different from the unopened menu but still can give positive effect to the user.

Another small problem is, under new post page, when you write the you post, and then scroll down to add tags, and categories, then your instinct will lead you to scroll further down to find save / publish button, however, they are not there. Yes, if you want to publish your post, you need to go back to the top of the page, you will see a box in the right hand side just next to the post box and there will be the save and publish button.

It that a big problem? Not at all, just a little bit funny, when I used to use the old version, then change into WP 2.5 I just asking to myself, why red/orange, where is the publish button, etc. in overall, they still great, I feel convenient to post my ideas and as my learning board. I love the blue color in all around admin page, but red/orange haha I can’t say a word. I hope i can have more than two admin color scheme choises.


swearing in week 13

week 13 means the last week of the lecture, usually we submit all last assignment during this week. same here, i got one group assignment that due on week 13. we have almost one month to finish this huge assignment that weight 30% marks, divided by 10% presentation and 20% report. i have one vietnamesee and indian friend as my group. we were working very hard to do this assignment coz it is very intersting and challenging task.

the task is evaluating the usability problem on harvey world travel agent. we try to find as many problem as we can both minor and major one. oh ya, we also conducted user testing which is inviting common people to complete the task that we’ve been prepared. after that we analyze and interpret the result and draw some recommendations to harvey world, hence they can improve the website usability.

we have presentation in week 12, i think we did well haha (save by the bell), we got almost perfect mark unless the lecturer argues about the laptop, she said it it very difficult to use laptop during presentation. yeah not bad, we got 18/20 marks. well done gurls.

the problem accurs when i misinterpret the date. i though that this week is week 12, which is i still have til next week to finish my report part. since last friday, my group member sending me email talking about the report, sms, and phone calling. but i said to them that i will finish later because the due will be in week 13, i also said that i will be not available on the weekend coz i will be going to the city and have some rest hehe.

yesterday morning (monday), one of my group mate calling me early in the morning asking about my assignment progress, and i said it should be fine coz we still have one week. a momment later i was swearing like a mad on the phone after heard my friends explanation about week 13. here this what she said: ‘nove, we should submit assignment by tommorow (tuesday) during the tute’, im shouting back to her’hue, we can submit it inweek 13′, she’s reply anthusiasly ‘ yes you’re rire, and this week is week 13’, ‘oh my god hue, f**** s*** (swearing for 30 seconds haha) i thought today is week 12’, sorry bout that, but i will finish my part soon.

finally, we can finish the assignment on time, i hope, because just before i wrote this post, i m just sending the final assignment to the group to be printed.

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wreck it out

in australia there is a place where you can dumbed your old car or people called this as wrecker. wrecker usually located in almost australia suburb, including in clayton. wrecker has a very big yard with thousand of old car arranged by its brand. you can found cars with various brands and type of manufacture in wrecker.

besides as a car bin, wrecker also has functionality as car’s spare part provider. people can found many range of spare part from the smallest part like door handle, tire, stereo set, until car’s machine. but don’t expecting that you will be served by the customer services, hence, you should grab the spare part directly from the car or self service based method. before entering the wrecker’s yard you should make small amount of entry payment the range is different in each wrecker( i pay $1 each) and write down your name and address on the guess book, also ensure that you are wearing proper shoes while walking around the yard and don’t forget to bring necessary tools to remove the spare part from the car. oh ya make sure that you know how to remove the spare part otherwise it will be broken because mistreatment during the removal hehe.

the spare parts price in wrecker is quite cheap for some small parts, but could be very expensive for big and important part like machine and gearbox. but ensure that you buy the right part before you pay it since all of the spare parts is non refundable, it has a warranty and changeable but no refund or can’t re-sell. so if you buy wrong part it mean you’ll lost some money, pity isn’t it. despite wrecker is a place where you can sell your old car but it’s not a place for selling unwanted spare part. overall wrecker is good place to find second hands car’s spare part with cheaper price and total freedom to chose the suitable parts for your car.

        self service                        proper shoes                    wrecker


ielts effects

i just heard the news about the decreasing number of indonesian ausaid student who will studying in 2nd semester 2008 in monash university. a rumour said that the reason of the extremely decreasing number of student because the higher ielts requirement in graduate school of business. fyi, most of indonesian student who studying in monash are under school of business (business and economy). the new ielts requirement that commence for mid 2008 semester is 7 with minimal band score no less than 6.5, and previously the ielts requirement only 6.5 with no band score less than 6.  this requirement is applied for all postgraduate students including graduade diploma, graduate certificate, master both course work and research and doctoral students.

the changing requirement brings significant decreasing to indonesian ausaid student from approximatelly 30 students each semester into 8 this semester. so far only graduate school of business that applying new ielts requirement, meanwhile infotech, arts, and education faculty still aplying ielts 6.5.

as an international student i can feel the urgency of english skills to pursue education in english language countries. english became a crucial thing in studying process, i have an experience how frustrating i am when i’m not able to express my idea sophisticatedly, i also feel so bad if my assignment grades is reduced just because the language matter, anyway the language is the most importan thing to support better education.

for future students, the increasing ilets requirement is like a nightmare and need a work hard to achive it. maybe monash especially gsb would like to improve the graduation output and adding great value to the students in order to keep sustain in global competition.

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ebay power

did you ever shopping on e-bay? well, most of the internet users must be familiar with ebay, the company that has founded in 1995 has become the successful online auction company in the world currently, well known with the ranges of collectable items, selling product from handycraft into real eastate, sells new as well second hand stuffs, has built localized websites in 30 other countries, in 2005 ebay has 181 millions registered users worldwide, and its gross merchandise volume reach US$34 billion in 2005. no wonder that ebay to become the king of online auction in the world.

in 2002 ebay acquiring paypal to support its business in order to privides safe payment method. until this moment ebay still believes that paypal is the safest payment method to reduce frauds. as an auctioneer ebay dealing with many individual buyers and sellers, and it’s not an easy thing since there are many unknown individual who transact in ebay. therefore, the shopping policy should be declared clearly so users will aware before their shopping on ebay.

as a big online marketplace, ebay attracts both buyer and seller to transact in ebay, this is will bring benefits to the seller where they can gain a lot of revenue, and for the buyer, ebay offers many ranges of stuff that they can chose easily. however, because ebay is very well known, the price on ebay sometimes extremely high compare to other small online auction company.

fraud on ebay is not a rare thing happens, most of the cases are the seller didn’t send the item, buyer wouldn’t pay the item, the item sent is not as description, buyer claims that they alreday pay but in fact they hasn’t. so both buyer and seller has a chance commit fraud. i also have experinece with ebay fraud, it was a long time ago, i bought 2 ticket concerts, and the seller should send the ticket soon because the concert date was very close (withing 1 week), the item location was in melbourne and i believd with australian post. however, the day the concert due, the ticket hasn’t arive, and it arived 2 weeks after the concert due. what a pity, and the bad thing is, i couldn’t anything at that moment, just complaining to the seller without any response. actually i could open dispute about this case, but that was my first shoping on ebay. now i’ve become more expert (haha) because lot of experinece of cource, more carefull, read the instruction carefully, and shopping wisely.

there are many amazing thing on ebay actually, you can just walking around, seeing stuff, compare price before you shopping in land. sometimes ebay offers cheapers price on particular stuff compare to manual retail, and the stuff is delivered to your door (what a cozy shopping method).


acquiring paypal:

ebay fact:

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