we admited that we love footy. even though 1,5 years a go we hate it like hell and always make comparison between footy and soccer haha. since we’ve been in melbourne we already watch three footy matches. melbourne demons v sydney swans in 2006 (the worst match ever but awsome seat), final eight hawtorn hawks v adelaide crows in 2007, and the latest was hawthorn hawks v collingwood magpies may 2008 (hunny love magpies, and he wore a magpies uniform).

we come to the mcg a bit early, so we will have time to take some photos, walking around, admiring the supporters (the real n fanatic one) with their unic atributes. we sat at 1st level just right in the right hand corner of the goal gate, wow it was amazing, that was very close to the field, we can see the players clearly, and the crowd, they were crazy haha…we sat in between collingwood and hawthorn supporters that yelled everytime their fave player scored a goal.

finally, hawthorn succesfully beats collingwood (forgot the number), but it was quite significant. and the funny thing was, they were many collingwood supporters that left the stadium 15 minutes before the match end becoz they knew that their team was beated by hawthorn. footy oh what a feeling…we have plan to see another match before we go back for good to lovely home country.

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