bathing boxes

first impresion of the bathing boxes that scroll along the bighton beach are cute boxes with beautiful colorful painting and up for rent. once i talk to my hubby and said that i want to rent one bathing box in brighton beach, so we can play in the beach all day. then i search on the internet about those bathing boxes, and the result was it not for rent. bathing box is individual property that not for rent, and the owner even can’t slept in. the bathing boxes is a small box that has purpose as a storage where people kept their belongings such as surf board, bbq, boat, and such a kind of stuff and change after their beach activities. no electricity and water is provided in bathing box, that’s why people forbit to sleep in bathing box at night.

facts about bathing boxes:there are 82 bathing boxes and boatsheds in brighton beach, that has the standard construction and scale, the owner should paint their box based on city council guidelines, and the owner should has a licence from city council to use bathing boxes.

 when you going to brighton beach you can see those beautiful bathing boxes with its natural theme paintings like skies, ocean with its creatures, birds, tides, fishes, and many more. all painting use very eye cathing color. nice object to take a picture with.

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