flower fest

    the show was held  few months a go in carlton garden near the exhibition building. actually that was my first time ever visited flower fest. the entrance fee was quite expensive though, and the visitors were unbelieveble. we went to the exhibition on the last day, with assumptions that there will be no huge crowds, and there will be a lot of discount hehe. however, when the first time we entered the gate, gosh…we can’t even walk freely since there were many people inside, and can’t see the flowers clearly, we can’t stand for longer time in each stall, and i feel like i’m crazy that day.

it was not only flower exhibition, but there were many competitions like garden design, ikebana, seeds sale, gardening equipment sale, and food haha. i’m not so impressed with the flower show that been held in the carlton garden, but i really really love the flower show inside the exhibition building itself. inside the building there were many tables that exhibit beautiful ikebana with colorful flower.

overall, i didn’t feel so exiting. just so so, maybe i’m not a flowers lover. i love to see flower, but i hate to plant it haha. oh ya, we also bought some seeds to be plant (i’m not sure) at home, we bought the tropical seeds one. maybe i ll be given those seeds to someone who love flower as present instead.

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