mission possible

since 1st of may 2008 monash university sport conducting mission possible month. the mission is to challenge the monash sport member to get fitter happier. this is the rule: every member will get a mission possible card and will get stamped per visit or exercise in monash sport during may 2008. the visit includes gym, pool, group fitness, and training session class. each card worth of 15 times of visit or exercise  , and after we had 15 stamps during may, we will be given a gift from monash sport and eligible to be put into a draw with some interesting prizes.

from 1st-16th of may i collect 14 stamps already, and one stamp to go to redeem the free gift. i went to monash sport almost everyday, sometimes i can visit pool, gym, and group fitness in one day, it’s mean that i can collect three stamps in one day. to avoid injury and exhausted i usually combine the exersice, but now i chose the low impact exercise instead. the low exersice impact will keep me fit without getting tired. yoga, pilates, swimming is my fave low impact exercises.

yeah there are many things to do to attract customers, and mission possible is good promotion method in order to encourage monash sport members to go more oftenly to the monash sport. but, monash sport not only has mission possible program, once in their membership promo, they given monash sport goodies for new member who sign up on march-april.


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