just have a chat with one of the lecturer this afternoon about the prfessionalism, become a lecturer and teaching as a profession. i feel ashamed after asking question about ‘how did you never ever miss or event come the class late’, very dumb question isn’t it. i just feel impressed that all of my lecturer in here have very strong commitment to their job. i have experience, when im doing undergrade degree, i found many times my lecturer skip the class without any explanation  or announcement previously, it was uncounting how many times my lecturers come late (sorry yah bapak/ibu dosen). but i think it’s must be better now.

a few years later, i start my journay to become a junior lecturer in one of university in surabaya. the time table is very flexible, once i come late 10-15 minutes (haha, feeling guilty), but in my memory i never miss the class ( as i know), but i love to start 10 minutes late and finish 10 minutes late as well, i don’t know why i do that think since it feel so normal and usual. aha, i think i got the answer, in my culture 10 minutes late it’s a normal haha…for example, when someone invites you on the wedding, family gathering, meeting or whatever at 10 am, it’s mean that you will arrive at 10.30 am, why? becuase we thought that everybody will do the same, to come late haha and we already know that the program will not start on time as well…funny isn’t it.

ok, go back to my lecturer, she looks surprise with my question and she said, ‘i’m very professional, and it is now way i late or miss the class ever, except i got sick of course’, she added, teaching is her number one priority so she will do the best. i just thinking of the point that she’s just given to me, and i said yeah you rite, i hope in the future i will become a professional worker who has strong responsibility with the task being given. starting with keep punctual and taking the task seriously.

good lesson for today.

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