ielts effects

i just heard the news about the decreasing number of indonesian ausaid student who will studying in 2nd semester 2008 in monash university. a rumour said that the reason of the extremely decreasing number of student because the higher ielts requirement in graduate school of business. fyi, most of indonesian student who studying in monash are under school of business (business and economy). the new ielts requirement that commence for mid 2008 semester is 7 with minimal band score no less than 6.5, and previously the ielts requirement only 6.5 with no band score less than 6.  this requirement is applied for all postgraduate students including graduade diploma, graduate certificate, master both course work and research and doctoral students.

the changing requirement brings significant decreasing to indonesian ausaid student from approximatelly 30 students each semester into 8 this semester. so far only graduate school of business that applying new ielts requirement, meanwhile infotech, arts, and education faculty still aplying ielts 6.5.

as an international student i can feel the urgency of english skills to pursue education in english language countries. english became a crucial thing in studying process, i have an experience how frustrating i am when i’m not able to express my idea sophisticatedly, i also feel so bad if my assignment grades is reduced just because the language matter, anyway the language is the most importan thing to support better education.

for future students, the increasing ilets requirement is like a nightmare and need a work hard to achive it. maybe monash especially gsb would like to improve the graduation output and adding great value to the students in order to keep sustain in global competition.

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