wreck it out

in australia there is a place where you can dumbed your old car or people called this as wrecker. wrecker usually located in almost australia suburb, including in clayton. wrecker has a very big yard with thousand of old car arranged by its brand. you can found cars with various brands and type of manufacture in wrecker.

besides as a car bin, wrecker also has functionality as car’s spare part provider. people can found many range of spare part from the smallest part like door handle, tire, stereo set, until car’s machine. but don’t expecting that you will be served by the customer services, hence, you should grab the spare part directly from the car or self service based method. before entering the wrecker’s yard you should make small amount of entry payment the range is different in each wrecker( i pay $1 each) and write down your name and address on the guess book, also ensure that you are wearing proper shoes while walking around the yard and don’t forget to bring necessary tools to remove the spare part from the car. oh ya make sure that you know how to remove the spare part otherwise it will be broken because mistreatment during the removal hehe.

the spare parts price in wrecker is quite cheap for some small parts, but could be very expensive for big and important part like machine and gearbox. but ensure that you buy the right part before you pay it since all of the spare parts is non refundable, it has a warranty and changeable but no refund or can’t re-sell. so if you buy wrong part it mean you’ll lost some money, pity isn’t it. despite wrecker is a place where you can sell your old car but it’s not a place for selling unwanted spare part. overall wrecker is good place to find second hands car’s spare part with cheaper price and total freedom to chose the suitable parts for your car.

        self service                        proper shoes                    wrecker


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