swearing in week 13

week 13 means the last week of the lecture, usually we submit all last assignment during this week. same here, i got one group assignment that due on week 13. we have almost one month to finish this huge assignment that weight 30% marks, divided by 10% presentation and 20% report. i have one vietnamesee and indian friend as my group. we were working very hard to do this assignment coz it is very intersting and challenging task.

the task is evaluating the usability problem on harvey world travel agent. we try to find as many problem as we can both minor and major one. oh ya, we also conducted user testing which is inviting common people to complete the task that we’ve been prepared. after that we analyze and interpret the result and draw some recommendations to harvey world, hence they can improve the website usability.

we have presentation in week 12, i think we did well haha (save by the bell), we got almost perfect mark unless the lecturer argues about the laptop, she said it it very difficult to use laptop during presentation. yeah not bad, we got 18/20 marks. well done gurls.

the problem accurs when i misinterpret the date. i though that this week is week 12, which is i still have til next week to finish my report part. since last friday, my group member sending me email talking about the report, sms, and phone calling. but i said to them that i will finish later because the due will be in week 13, i also said that i will be not available on the weekend coz i will be going to the city and have some rest hehe.

yesterday morning (monday), one of my group mate calling me early in the morning asking about my assignment progress, and i said it should be fine coz we still have one week. a momment later i was swearing like a mad on the phone after heard my friends explanation about week 13. here this what she said: ‘nove, we should submit assignment by tommorow (tuesday) during the tute’, im shouting back to her’hue, we can submit it inweek 13′, she’s reply anthusiasly ‘ yes you’re rire, and this week is week 13’, ‘oh my god hue, f**** s*** (swearing for 30 seconds haha) i thought today is week 12’, sorry bout that, but i will finish my part soon.

finally, we can finish the assignment on time, i hope, because just before i wrote this post, i m just sending the final assignment to the group to be printed.

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