WP 2.5 interface

This is only general idea about the new free WP 2.5 dashboard interface. I used to with the previous version of WP dashboard interface and when there is a little change on the WP 2.5.1 interface, I feel a little bit clumsy but that not irritate me much.  I am not talking about the feature that they offer in the latest WP version, and I think the features are still great. I am using WP since 2006 and never complaint about the interface.

First finding, the use of red/orange color for visited menu. All of the menu in the dashboard will change its color from blue to red/orange when you click it. It is good to use contrast color to distinguish the menu, but red/orange seems like an error message and negative to me. Maybe it is better to use other color that different from the unopened menu but still can give positive effect to the user.

Another small problem is, under new post page, when you write the you post, and then scroll down to add tags, and categories, then your instinct will lead you to scroll further down to find save / publish button, however, they are not there. Yes, if you want to publish your post, you need to go back to the top of the page, you will see a box in the right hand side just next to the post box and there will be the save and publish button.

It that a big problem? Not at all, just a little bit funny, when I used to use the old version, then change into WP 2.5 I just asking to myself, why red/orange, where is the publish button, etc. in overall, they still great, I feel convenient to post my ideas and as my learning board. I love the blue color in all around admin page, but red/orange haha I can’t say a word. I hope i can have more than two admin color scheme choises.


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