items overdue

just open my monash portal this morning, to check e-mail, book loan status, and any new information. i was so surprise when i read ‘9 items overdue’ and ’21 items loan’, i though i only have 3 items overdue last friday, but 9 items? for each overdue item i should pay 50c, not too much if you only have 1 item overdue, but 1 x 50c x  5 days equal to $2.5, plus 8 books x 50c x 2 days equal to $8 so if i return the books today the’ll fined me $10.50, and i already got $10 fined so my total fined will be $20.50, i dont have to pay the fined if it not exceed $25 per academic calender year. but $20.50 is very close to the maximal limit, where i still got 5 items that will due on 2nd of june, 4 items due on 3rd of June, 1 item due on 9, and 2 items due on june 12. i also got 4 items avalibale that need to be picked up and it will expired on 31 of May..gggrrhhhhh should go the library today.

image source: monash university-matheson library


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