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the camera

Yesterday was my unlucky day, yep, that was farewell party and gown presentation for international student who graduates this semester but (might not)be able to attend the graduation ceremony next september. We were very excited and enthusiastic at that moment, wearing the graduation gown and was so happy, taking picture all around caulfield campus, and never missed every corner of the historical building. The ‘tragedy’ happened when we were in the caulfield library to take some pictures inside, i brought my camera with confidence of course, first shot was great, second, third….to 28 shots, but, when my friend taken my picture, the camera wont reacts, and there was an order saying that i need to recharge the batteries…oh w%&$#$%*&^….yeah, i missed another special moment. This was my second accident, just because forgot to recharge the camera battery and ensures that the camera’s ready before i used it. 

Nevermind, i still can used my friends camera, but i cant upload the latest graduation photos now, just waiting for my friends to send me some. fiuh….

Combat, attack, or pump

Starting from this semester (January 2008), there are three additional group fitness exercises, body combat, body attack, and body pump, under license of les mills Australia. Les mills is known with their body series, body combat, attack, pump, steps, balance, and jam. Body combat is a cardiovascular exercise combine boxing, karate, and taekwondo, it needs kicking, punching, and jumping. Body combat is good exercise because it works in all part of the body, upper body (punching), and lower body (kicking and jumping). Body attack, it’s high impact choreographed exercise that combines high intensity aerobic, strength, and stabilization. Body attack is rapid calorie burner, good for weight loss program. Body pump, is a weight lifting exercise that uses free weight / barbel. The purposes of this exercise is to strengthen the entire body that works with all major muscle groups. The exercise combines squats, presses, lifts and curls. 

Those 60 minutes exercises are very good for calories burner, supported by good musics and nice choreography. The drawback of the exercise is, it changing every three months, so, you will repeated exactly the same exercise for three months (unless the instructor combines the movement). How much calories burned during the exercise? for 60 minutes body combat you will burned approximately 600-800 calories depends on the enthusiasm during the class, while body attack burned 700-900 calories, and body pump can burned up to 600 calories depend on age, and barbel weight. 

Many people said that attack is massive calorie burner compare to combat and pump, I totally agree, body attack is hard exercise ( I give up at the first 20 minutes) honestly I rarely do attack, just one or two, and I prefer body combat and pump. Combat is fun, pump is great to tone the body without jumping around. 

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quote of the day

babe, guru senam lo pasti stress, ngeliat lo nggak kurus-kurus 🙂

hartanto ngomentarin ‘baby‘-nya yang nggak kurus2 meski tiap hari pergi ke monash sport, lol.

Everyday things–confusing

A few days ago, i borrowed some Norman series book from the library,  one of them is the design of everyday things. It was recommended by our lecturer to read the design of everyday things, because it has strong relation on interaction design concept. I should read the book because we will got exam on it, so need to read the concept deeply. The book was published in 1998 and 2000 (still don’t know the different besides the cover), I got the 1998 one. It was a long time ago, but still interesting to read. Donald norman is a professor emeritus in cognitive science of UCSD, he also co-founder of nielsennormangroup along with jacob nielsen and bruce tognazzini. His expertise areas are usability and cognitive psychology.

The interesting about the design of everyday things is,  many people blames their self every time they cannot operate or use a gadget. People feel embarrassed and frustrated when they dealing with confusing button on microvawe, the dvd player, projector, central heater, door that difficult to open,  in proper location light switches, and many everyday thing items. 

When we were in Sydney, stay in a hostel, and we don’t have any idea how to use a microwave oven, at that time we were so embarrassed and blame our self, in fact that we are using microwave at home and it’s very impossible that we can’t operate them. Another occasion, when I was sick and we went to hospital, we don’t know how to turn on the water from the wastafel–because we don’t have any clue how to do it, and our mental model is to turn, pull or push the button, but there is no button on it. When we were on exhibition, we want to go to the toilet, we were looking for ‘female’ and ‘male’ toilet, we saw the sign that said ‘toilet–left’, we scrolled to the left wing of the building, first door ‘female’, second ‘female’, third ‘female’ and fourth ‘handicap’, and the last one there were another sign that said ‘male toilet on the right wing of the building’, why they didn’t say it at the front. 

We cannot blame the user, since there are more than 20.000 everyday things, you can’t expect that you’ll be able to interact with them nicely. And if we need 1 minute for every object, which mean 20.000 minutes to learn all those things, and it is impossible to remember anything. The designer should be aware about the design issues, designer should put emphasis on usability and think as a user.  Designer is expert on how to design, while user is really good on how to do the task. Designer feel easy to use a particular things because they created it, and it is hard to find the flaws of the item. Designer also creates aesthetic and sophisticated item to attract user, but forget the functionality and effectivity. Just like in hospital wastafel, it’s designed to promotes hygiene by using a censor to activate the water, however, for who never knew about this ‘high tech’ wastafel will suffer. The flaw is, there is no indicator that told about the censor, and there is no clue at all. Some of beautiful things are not always useful and hard to operate, however most of ugly things are very useful and effective. Which one do you prefer?

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High vs low impact exercise

Those terms are very familiar in exercise environment. Some people chose low impact exercise because they don’t want to push their heart to working hard, some people like high impact to burn more calories. The question is, what the low and high impact exercise is? and what are the benefits for the body?

When you feet leave the ground simultaneously during exercise, that’s called high impact exercise. The exercise that categories as a high impact are running, jumping jack, jumping rope, some aerobics also categories as high impact when the movement consists of running and jumping. High impact exercise is very powerful for fat burning and weight lost program, help strengthen the bones and improve endurance. High impact exercise is not suitable for people with joint injury, osteoporosis, overweight, new beginner exercise, and other medical problem.

Low impact exercise is slow movement, easy and light exercise. Low impact exercise don’t need hard movement intensity. With low impact exercise people still can burn calories and lose weight, because you can still work out and develop strength. The examples of low impact exercise are aquatic including swimming, aquarobic, pilates, yoga, weight lifting. Most people who don’t like high impact exercise choose the low impact one because low impact it’s easier to do, and more refreshing. 

Which exercise that you like, it depend on your preferences, purposes why you doing exercise, and your health condition. For beginner, it is good to start with low impact exercise rather than straight to high impact one. Make your muscles, bones, and heart make adjustment in exercise environment, then increase the exercise intensity gradually. Once your body has adapts with the regular exercise you can start the high impact exercise without found any problem. 

online stores

Just coincident when I wrote this topic,  I have assignment about trust and online store, a project in developing online auction trust model, have class in e-commerce, web technology, and interaction design, and love shopping online. During write the assignment ( a literature review), I think it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes to write down my experience in online store. 

I buy some items by online either through e-store or e-marketplace, many ranges of them starting from the cheap item like  toys, stickers, book, shoes, painting, and expensive like camera and notebooks. Actually I never complaint about the product and services in online store, they receive my order and deliver the item a few days later. I really pleased with apple store, where I bought a notebook there, it provides shopping simplicity, nice catalogue, friendly and responsive customer service, clear instruction, reasonable price, and very fast item delivery. Well that seem that apple develop customer’s trust through their website and the services, even though we never meet and the location is very far away, but I have no doubt to spend my money in there, and intend to go back there in the future. 

Another story about online store is dell store, well my hubby interested to buy another notebook in dell store because they are cheaper. we expect that they will provides good service because they already have good image and brand, so we placed an order and waiting for the confirmation. It takes one day to confirm and takes 3 days to clear the payment, and takes 2 weeks to receive the stuff. So, in total we need to wait for 18 days to receives the item. The most problem occurs for online store is item delivery, and most buyer want the item arrives quickly. Those are the example how online store conduct their business differently, some of them are aware of these issue (delivery, customer help desk), and some of them are not. 

Sometimes the store tell white lie to the customer, the example is ‘when we asking when the item arrives’ and they said ‘in 3 business days’ but in fact that the item arrives more than 3 days. Some online stores also put the product in catalogue even though they don’t have the item in stock, that irritates the customer, because we always expecting the stuff is available and ready to deliver. So it is good for online store to clearly state about their product availability, maintain good relation and communication with customer.

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