Shins splint

It’s been two days I was suffering from lower leg pain every time I’m doing high impact exercise (aerobic), it was very disturbing, because the pain was increasing significantly during the exercise. In the first day, within the 10 minutes warming up, everything was fine, but on the next 30 minutes it was horrible, but I can still continue the aerobic even though my leg was pain and  feel uncomfortable. The solution on that time was not to pressure my leg to do the hard steps, jumping, and running. The pain is suddenly gone every time I take some rest. The next day I was doing the same exercise, but I still got the same result, lower leg pain or shin splint in medical term.

I’m still wondering what is the culprit that causes my leg pain during the exercise, coz I never experience the same problem before. I also exercise regularly every day. I’m starting to remember my exercises within the last 2 weeks, I went to the sport centre everyday, doing body combat, attack, NRG, body pump, oh great…all of those exercise are high impact that needs running, jumping, kicking, weight lifting, and whatsoever. Maybe I work to hard on it, since I never ever done such a crazy exercise like that. 

The solution, stop exercise that might causes the pain worst, just take some rest for a while doing low impact exercise swimming, yoga, pilates, cycling. Combine low and high impact exercise as well as strength and flexibility. Uses ice to reduce pain if necessary, uses heat or shin supporter, if it getting worst, just go to the doctor. 

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2 thoughts on “Shins splint

  1. adam January 23, 2009 at 4:34 pm Reply

    hey so im 12 and im havin pains in my shins ive strted growin and matureing erly and i was wandering if i should wait to stop growin before i say its shin splints or should i just go with it and say its shin splints

  2. novevariant September 1, 2009 at 8:23 am Reply

    I only got my shin splints during the heavy exercise, otherwise I’m feeling great when I relax

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