The best of radiohead

EMI/Parlophone just releases the Radiohead compilation album named best of Radiohead on 2nd of June this year. Unfortunately, this is not the Radiohead’s initiation since they decided not to renew the contract with the major label (EMI) last year when they released in rainbows. There is no intention from Radiohead to do some promos for this album neither feel bothered by the album’s releases. 

The song list: 

CD1: Just, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Creep, No surprises, High and dry, My iron lung, There there, Lucky, Fake plastic tree, Idioteque, 2+2=5, The bends, Pyramid song, Street spirit, Everything in its right place.

CD2: Airbag, I might be wrong, Go to sleep, Let down, Planet telex, Exit music, The national anthem, Knives out, Talk show host, You, Anyone can play guitar, How to disappear completely, True love waits.

For those who never has Radiohead album before, The best of Radiohead is worth to buy, but, as a big fan of Radiohead of course I don’t have any plan to buy it since I have all of Radiohead album as my collection. 

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