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Just coincident when I wrote this topic,  I have assignment about trust and online store, a project in developing online auction trust model, have class in e-commerce, web technology, and interaction design, and love shopping online. During write the assignment ( a literature review), I think it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes to write down my experience in online store. 

I buy some items by online either through e-store or e-marketplace, many ranges of them starting from the cheap item like  toys, stickers, book, shoes, painting, and expensive like camera and notebooks. Actually I never complaint about the product and services in online store, they receive my order and deliver the item a few days later. I really pleased with apple store, where I bought a notebook there, it provides shopping simplicity, nice catalogue, friendly and responsive customer service, clear instruction, reasonable price, and very fast item delivery. Well that seem that apple develop customer’s trust through their website and the services, even though we never meet and the location is very far away, but I have no doubt to spend my money in there, and intend to go back there in the future. 

Another story about online store is dell store, well my hubby interested to buy another notebook in dell store because they are cheaper. we expect that they will provides good service because they already have good image and brand, so we placed an order and waiting for the confirmation. It takes one day to confirm and takes 3 days to clear the payment, and takes 2 weeks to receive the stuff. So, in total we need to wait for 18 days to receives the item. The most problem occurs for online store is item delivery, and most buyer want the item arrives quickly. Those are the example how online store conduct their business differently, some of them are aware of these issue (delivery, customer help desk), and some of them are not. 

Sometimes the store tell white lie to the customer, the example is ‘when we asking when the item arrives’ and they said ‘in 3 business days’ but in fact that the item arrives more than 3 days. Some online stores also put the product in catalogue even though they don’t have the item in stock, that irritates the customer, because we always expecting the stuff is available and ready to deliver. So it is good for online store to clearly state about their product availability, maintain good relation and communication with customer.

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2 thoughts on “online stores

  1. harlagisedih June 16, 2008 at 11:30 pm Reply

    mana Dell kuuuuuuuuu… ga dateng dateng

  2. Bhq June 17, 2008 at 9:44 pm Reply

    I got my Dell in one week

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