High vs low impact exercise

Those terms are very familiar in exercise environment. Some people chose low impact exercise because they don’t want to push their heart to working hard, some people like high impact to burn more calories. The question is, what the low and high impact exercise is? and what are the benefits for the body?

When you feet leave the ground simultaneously during exercise, that’s called high impact exercise. The exercise that categories as a high impact are running, jumping jack, jumping rope, some aerobics also categories as high impact when the movement consists of running and jumping. High impact exercise is very powerful for fat burning and weight lost program, help strengthen the bones and improve endurance. High impact exercise is not suitable for people with joint injury, osteoporosis, overweight, new beginner exercise, and other medical problem.

Low impact exercise is slow movement, easy and light exercise. Low impact exercise don’t need hard movement intensity. With low impact exercise people still can burn calories and lose weight, because you can still work out and develop strength. The examples of low impact exercise are aquatic including swimming, aquarobic, pilates, yoga, weight lifting. Most people who don’t like high impact exercise choose the low impact one because low impact it’s easier to do, and more refreshing. 

Which exercise that you like, it depend on your preferences, purposes why you doing exercise, and your health condition. For beginner, it is good to start with low impact exercise rather than straight to high impact one. Make your muscles, bones, and heart make adjustment in exercise environment, then increase the exercise intensity gradually. Once your body has adapts with the regular exercise you can start the high impact exercise without found any problem. 

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