the camera

Yesterday was my unlucky day, yep, that was farewell party and gown presentation for international student who graduates this semester but (might not)be able to attend the graduation ceremony next september. We were very excited and enthusiastic at that moment, wearing the graduation gown and was so happy, taking picture all around caulfield campus, and never missed every corner of the historical building. The ‘tragedy’ happened when we were in the caulfield library to take some pictures inside, i brought my camera with confidence of course, first shot was great, second, third….to 28 shots, but, when my friend taken my picture, the camera wont reacts, and there was an order saying that i need to recharge the batteries…oh w%&$#$%*&^….yeah, i missed another special moment. This was my second accident, just because forgot to recharge the camera battery and ensures that the camera’s ready before i used it. 

Nevermind, i still can used my friends camera, but i cant upload the latest graduation photos now, just waiting for my friends to send me some. fiuh….

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