Monthly Archives: August 2008

i’m no here

Everything has changed since i left clayton 3 weeks ago, disappointment was the most dominant feeling at this time. everything is different but i don’t want to called it a culture shock. I can’t imagine used to lived in such a crowded place where many people packed on the street, thousands bikes, cars and pollution are surrounding me, people are everywhere staring eriely and yelling. My first reaction when my plane has landed on the surabaya international arrival airport was surprise with the rudeness of the airport and custom officer. He ask me to fill the form that i don’t know, and he refuses to show me the form and yell at me instead (what a weird country), in the custom area, there was no friendly smile and greeting, the officer just said ‘passport’, so gross. fortunately i passed the security screening, and welcome to surabaya, the hottest spot in the planet. 

surprise #2, ‘taxi?’, ‘do you need a calling card?’, oh you must be familiar with this, once i stepped my feet out of the arrival door, hoping seeing my family who will picked me up, but some strangers intimidates me with such a questions. I can’t imagine if someone who don’t know about Indonesia come here to visits, they must be felt intimidated by those people. 

to be continued