the price of information

one thing that we (me & hubby) miss a lot after returning to indonesia is internet connection. for two years we were using wireless broadband internet at home, experiencing the easiness of life, and going online anytime everywhere. The first day, when we arrive at home sweet home, my hubby always complaint about the internet. so one week after, we decided to connect our home with wide world. that’s not an easy thing, we search some internet providers in surabaya, comparing the price and services. then we have final decision to use speedy at home, after waiting for more than a week, finally we go online, yeeeyyyy…

then the story begin, speedy offers some packages that we can choose. i  choose 3 gigs package (very small compare to unlimited one). the internet connection is very good and fast, never get trouble or major error, we were very satisfied, and use it 24/7 haha…we forgot that we only have 3 gigs/month. in the first day we used cable, because the limitation of cable, we move to wireless broadband internet. by the end of the month, i accidently check the billing, and i was socked, because our usage is out of limit around 4 gigs, so for 3 weeks we already use 7 gigs, goshhh…and the charge was very expensive, for the 4 gigs out of limit we should pay 2 millions (what the h%$#). so the day after, we went to the speedy office and change the package into unlimited one, so we will free from over usage charge. so now, we are free to use it without worried of over the limits.


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