English as a second language

Speaking English when it is not your primary language is very challenging as well as confusing. People tends to made a mistake either during the conversation or writing. This is my experience as a user of English as my second language. I know some English words when I study in elementary, I continued to study English more seriously on high school for six years. Following that, I never touch any English class or lesson when during I pursue my bachelor degree. A few years after graduated from university, I’m starting to study English because I have a plan to continue study overseas. Finally, I got the scholarship to an English speaking country. It was so amazing experience, nervous, afraid, not confidence, and challenging moment. 

Now I go back to my beloved country and work as a lecturer in university. I started to think what sort of language that I should use during the lecture. I decide to use my mother language because it is easier for me, and I can explain the material more clearly. One of my lecturer in the university where I studied before, said that my english ability is a good commodity to deliver a lecture. But a few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to use english at class, wow, I felt so clumsy and trembling. First experience was always bad, but I think that was a good sign for the future lol. The next lecture I feel a bit comfortable even though there are still many wrong spelling, grammatical errors, and inappropriate vocabularies. I always talk to my self that I’m still learning, and do the best.

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