Keane: perfect symmetry


It’s a good news for anyone who loves keane, on 13th October 2008 they had released the 3rd album  perfect symmetry internationally, following on 20th October in Indonesia. They released the first single spiraling for perfect symmetry on August 2008, the song is a bit different to the other songs from previous keane’s albums. It shows that there is a change in keane’s music, the other single perfect symmetry also offers something different. Both singles are more groovy and fun, richer than before, dynamic and more keane. 

The album consists of 11 songs including spiraling and the lovers are losing as their first and second single respectively. To support the album keane conducted many tours across UK, europe, and the US during the year. Many of their fans are waiting to see them live with the new songs. Keane was formed in 1995 in East sussex, comprises of trio bassist and pianist tim rice-oxley, vocalist tom chaplin, and drummer richard hughes. They’ve been released hope and fears in 2004 and under the iron sea in 2006.

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