Facebook fever

‘Do you have facebook?’ my husby ask me in one day,

and I replied shortly ‘Nope’.

He asked me then,’ why you don’t have one but everybody does?’

and I said ‘why should I have one, since I still can’t find any advantages from it?’

He continued, ‘connect to facebook is lifestyle at this moment, in which everybody has facebook account’

In fact that I teach about the community informatics and community network as one of the lecture topics at class, I feel very familiar with that social networking stuff. I also have two accounts in Friendster and myspace a few times ago, but inactive at the time. There are some advantages to have account in social bookmark like facebook, friendster, myspace or whatever, where people can connect with old friends, relatives, new friends, to exchange information about their activity. I still can’t found any big problem with the social bookmark except the possibility of personal information theft or eavesdropping, but until now I never experience such a internet crime, hopefully never ever.

so, it is not bad to have account on the social networking site, maybe I will try those thing someday..:)

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