Toilet tissue vs chili sauce

This is not the first time I have bad experience with public toilet, from the dirty and smelly toilet, small space toilet, bad toilet interface and instruction, or run out of toilet tissue, or spent some money for toilet tissue. I understand that public toilet that is used by many people from out of nowhere may cause those problems. I’m not such a clean freak person, but I’m still concern about the cleanness of the toilet. In Surabaya, I’m experiencing a very bad moment with public toilet. First, when I went to one of mall in Surabaya, and suddenly I wanna pee then I ran to the nearest toilet, I choose one toilet and closed the door then started to pee, after that, I’m a bit confused because I can’t found any toilet tissue that usually hanging on the wall. Damn, no tissue means yaiks…$%^%*…

a moment later, I ran to the toilet keeper, and I was so angry to that girl because she must be forget to fill in the toilet tissue, but I was surprise when she said that I need to talked to her if I need some toilet tissue before I entered the toilet and pay IDR.500 for the that. Then with a sulking face I left the toilet and still mumbling angrily. 

My second experience with the toilet tissue is when I decided to pee in the mall’s toilet, but this time I’m aware about the toilet tissue matter and before entering the toilet I asked the toilet keeper about the toilet tissue, and thanks god she said that I need to pay IDR 500 to buy  a pack of toilet tissue…fiuh… another one, you should spent 500 rupiah for toilet tissue in Surabaya public toilet, what a unnecessary spent, for the thing that should be free.

Another interesting experience is about chili sauce in some fast food restaurant in Melbourne. For whom like to eat spicy you should spent 50 cent for a sachet chili sauce, this is not a big deal though but a bit irritating. So every time you dine at Mcdonald, KFC, or any other fast food restaurant you should spent more money for chili sauce, something that should be free or extra when you buy their food.

Those situation, are happened in two different location, In indonesia toilet tissue is quite expensive thing and maybe public toilet cannot afford to supply a big number of toilet tissue for public, but in contrast they just give away the chili sauce for free with unlimited volume for the fast food consumer. However, In Australia, tissue toilet is one of basic needs for the people so public toilet should provides toilet tissue without any excuse, but not for chili sauce.



Picture sources:

Battle of the Condiments

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