Monthly Archives: September 2009

pararel class

The new semester just begins, yesterday was my first day, I taught knowledge managemet A class. Today I also have KM class (again) but for B class. I teach Km twice a week. How does it feel? since I love this subject so far so I still enjoy to teach pararel class. I found many benefits from that, it’s not to noisy, the material is delivered well without unnecessary distraction that always comes in the big class. Each class consists of around 50 students and that is easy to handle. I hope in the discussion session in the next few weeks will run well.

In my opinion, 50 students in one class is a maximal number to get ideal class, you can focus to the class and material. Small class is easily to manage and control, but running pararle class is not an easy thing, you need extra energy to get the better result, good emotion management to avoid boring (because talking the same thing).

never turn off my laptop

Finally I’m sure that never turn off my laptop for a long period (a week or fortnightly) that will be ok. I always wonder that my action to never shut down my laptop will causes the system error or any other bad thing. But, I just read some threads from the forum that never turn off mac is ok and won’t hurt your mac.

Since I’m working with data and information, it seem impossible to turn on and off my laptop regularly (daily), because I need it 24/7, and it is very inefficient once I turn off my lapton, then I should start from the beginning, eventhoug mac is very fast loading. The only thing I do is, just close the laptop lid then the sleep mode will turn on. That will save the energy and you won’t ‘lost’ your previous works.