the rain

the rain was started a few days ago, not much but enough to shower the earth. my wonderful little princes very excited when her father shows her the first rain. it wasn’t to cold, but that was enough to relieves hot at night. even though it is a difficult choice when I’ve asked whether i love rain or not? i can say that i love it because rain gives peaceful on earth but on the other hand, rain also brings disaster for some reasons. i hate when i go back from work in the afternoon in the heavy rain, since that was very dangerous to drove under the rain and the tree falls was always haunted you a long the way.

if i go back to two years ago, rain has different meaning to me. when you heard the rain hit the windows, it felt that you had been captured in a small chamber. you can seen the rain through the window and usually came with the heavy wind. not too scary, no fallen tree, no drove under the rain, no fear.

with little princes, i face the rain confidently, hopefully the little princess will loves the rain as i do. i also hope that she can be the rain that gives warm to the hot earth.


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