The laptop tragedy

You can force your fingers to type on the keyboard and write a story, ’til today when I have so many things to say. One of them is the laptop tragedy, from the title you can imagine that it was a horrible tragedy, and maybe you start thinking what was gonna happened with my laptop. The story begin when I prepared to packed my working equipment ( as usual, papers, laptop, the charger–yes sometimes I brought my charger devices  if I like to stay in the office more than 5-6 hours, and some lecture materials, and mobile phone of course)…

My hubby usually help me during preparation and loaded it in the car, until yesterday, everything was chaos. My little gal got running nose and cough so I gave her extra attention and sit with her till mid-day. So, when the time to go was on the head, I was hurry to go in the car and grabbed my blue tote bag and never though about my laptop bag (‘coz, I thought my hubby already putted it in the car)…huaaa fall asleep in the 50-60 minutes drive from home to office (yes, once more my hubby drove my to the office everyday…)

We arrived in my office, and I grabbed my blue bag and waited for my hubby took another bag…but..omg…it was like a nightmare, since that was my important bag because I already put all my lecture material in it, and I went to campus to give a lecture. For a while, I just sat in the car to find better solution for this problem. If I going back home, it will takes around 100 minutes, and the lecture starts within 60 minutes, if I ask someone at home to mail me the material on my laptop, it was impossible for them to find my file, since I never organize my file in particular order, so there is no good solution and I decided to go to my office and prepare.

That was an embarrassing moment, I should not rely on someone for my important stuff, I should double check anything related to my working material and other stuff. very good lesson…indeed.

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