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Popular writing workshop

today, i attend the popular writing workshop in FISIP UA, actually this is a two days workshop hosted by FISIP UA and redaktur opini kompas from kompas jakarta. For your information, kompas is one leading newspaper company that erected 45 years ago in Jakarta. The workshop trainer is Irwan Julianto, and he shares a very great experience in writing opinion in Kompas newspaper. In fact that is not easy to write opinion page since it needs a deep and good critical thinking about the latest issues happen in the society, and it should be write in a simple language so every people can read the article.

The session is divided into three, first, the introduction of popular writing and articles, the kompas history (presented in video documenter scene), the opinion page in kompas newspaper, and the criteria of good article. Furthermore, the nest session is about choosing the topic for opinion page, where every participant should give one potential topic for his/her article. Off course, the topic should popular and became an national or regional issues, and match with the writer education/expertise background.

I feel, this is very challenging, since, I admitted that I never wrote for any newspaper. I only know how to write a research paper, but now I should express one interesting topic regarding on my expertise in Library and information field?? The step by step to choose the topic is, reading the today’s newspaper (kompas), then choose one news, feature, or opinion, and try to write about one of the interesting topic. I never though that writing for newspaper is very hard, you should be able to write in a very short time. Compare to journal article writing that has very long time.

However, finally i got my topic which is the gap of information access between they who live in the city and rural. This is only a concept, but tonight I should write a full article about that to be presented tomorrow (on the third session).

to be continued..

the other side of librarian

Not many people who love to become a librarian, when you ask to many school age teenagers in indonesia about their profession in the future, none of them would answer librarian. Yes, librarian is not a popular profession in indonesia, and i think in some other countries as well. The reason is, librarian is not interesting profession that only dealing with books and archives. However, in some years ago, a library science degree in some universities are open for student who love to library and librarianship. And fortunately, I involve in it, so I know (not much) about librarianship and the problem that occur.

Every year, the IFLA (international federation library association) held global conference for all library and information professional around the world. The aims of this program is (of course) to enhance knowledge in the library and information science. Also, to see the latest information about the development of LIS, so everyone are invited to this event as long as they can obtain the fee by them self. The bad news is, not many LIS professional can go to the conference because of they lack of money (especially from the developing countries, that the government or company didn’t give financial support).

I think it’s good to join the conference, to see another side of the LIS development so we can tell a good story about the librarian profession to the youngsters. I think the conference will bring significant value to all participant who attend the meeting. Finally, I’m glad I become one of the participant who will attend the conference in sweden, and I will meet the new wave and image of librarianship. It is wonderful, to know that¬† IFLA supports the financial for some delegates to join the conference.

It’s not easy, to be a [good] mother

Never though that one day (today) i became a mother to a beautiful & healthy daughter, also never cross on my mind (until today) that i should taking care of her. Yes, being a mother [good mother] is not an easy job, where I also a working mom. I feel that I need more than 24 hours a day to finish anything, before go to bed. Ensure everything is ok with her is the hardest job, starting from her daily food, toys, activities, and snack, all of those items should be balance. For instance, meal and snack, playing and learning, movies and books, socialize and sleeping. All in all, every activity should caters her physical, emotional, and psychological aspect.

The problems occur when you should leave your baby at home coz you are working. You should rely on someone who take care of the baby, i did it to my gal as well, so I can’t control her 24/7. In fact that my gal got cough and running nose i feel guilty to myself not provides her with ‘the best’ daily basis for her. But, it’s too late now, she got flu and the only thing I can do is comforting her and give her breast milk as much as I and she could, bring back her feeding appetite, and make her happy.

That is only one simple example about the mom’s job, but I believe the more she getting older, the more problem and job that I should take care of. and I always mumbling to myself, yeah it’s not easy to be a good mom…

Red, it’s not a STOP sign (anymore)

I think it’s commonly known that red light mean STOP, that is an international standard when you see the red light you should stop your vehicle. But, in Surabaya, red doesn’t mean you should stop and let other vehicle on your opposite to go. Unlike in modern city, like Melbourne, where surveillance cameras are operated throughout the highway,¬† Surabaya is relying on police officers to control the traffic. The police officers usually stand in the busy junction to watch and control the vehicles, particularly during the peak times. The result is, when the polices are there nobody dare to break the red light because the police will fines you, however, when they are not there there are many vehicles that cross the red light, with high speed of course.

Yes, crossing the red light is very dangerous both for the driver and the pedestrian. Red light has function to control the traffic and allow the pedestrian to cross the street safely. But, it doesn’t works like that, pedestrians right to use the road is raped by the irresponsible drivers. They should ensure that the road is totally safe before they cross, even when the green sign for pedestrian is on, it is not guarantee that they can walk.

I think that attitude has become a behavior for many drivers, maybe they don’t have any respect to other road users, or just they tired with the jam and the crowded road. For me, become a good road user is very hard in here unless all drivers have good driving attitude and respect each other. However, my hubby always tries to become a good driver (even though some times one or two, he broke some rules but not the RED LIGHT)