Red, it’s not a STOP sign (anymore)

I think it’s commonly known that red light mean STOP, that is an international standard when you see the red light you should stop your vehicle. But, in Surabaya, red doesn’t mean you should stop and let other vehicle on your opposite to go. Unlike in modern city, like Melbourne, where surveillance cameras are operated throughout the highway,  Surabaya is relying on police officers to control the traffic. The police officers usually stand in the busy junction to watch and control the vehicles, particularly during the peak times. The result is, when the polices are there nobody dare to break the red light because the police will fines you, however, when they are not there there are many vehicles that cross the red light, with high speed of course.

Yes, crossing the red light is very dangerous both for the driver and the pedestrian. Red light has function to control the traffic and allow the pedestrian to cross the street safely. But, it doesn’t works like that, pedestrians right to use the road is raped by the irresponsible drivers. They should ensure that the road is totally safe before they cross, even when the green sign for pedestrian is on, it is not guarantee that they can walk.

I think that attitude has become a behavior for many drivers, maybe they don’t have any respect to other road users, or just they tired with the jam and the crowded road. For me, become a good road user is very hard in here unless all drivers have good driving attitude and respect each other. However, my hubby always tries to become a good driver (even though some times one or two, he broke some rules but not the RED LIGHT)


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