It’s not easy, to be a [good] mother

Never though that one day (today) i became a mother to a beautiful & healthy daughter, also never cross on my mind (until today) that i should taking care of her. Yes, being a mother [good mother] is not an easy job, where I also a working mom. I feel that I need more than 24 hours a day to finish anything, before go to bed. Ensure everything is ok with her is the hardest job, starting from her daily food, toys, activities, and snack, all of those items should be balance. For instance, meal and snack, playing and learning, movies and books, socialize and sleeping. All in all, every activity should caters her physical, emotional, and psychological aspect.

The problems occur when you should leave your baby at home coz you are working. You should rely on someone who take care of the baby, i did it to my gal as well, so I can’t control her 24/7. In fact that my gal got cough and running nose i feel guilty to myself not provides her with ‘the best’ daily basis for her. But, it’s too late now, she got flu and the only thing I can do is comforting her and give her breast milk as much as I and she could, bring back her feeding appetite, and make her happy.

That is only one simple example about the mom’s job, but I believe the more she getting older, the more problem and job that I should take care of. and I always mumbling to myself, yeah it’s not easy to be a good mom…

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