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Seafood steamboat

Just love to cook lately, yesterday I cook nasi gila that so yummy with beef sousages and chicken rolade and scrumble eggs with tomato sauce. Two days ago, I had seafood tom yum soup that comprises of fresh tuna, fresh salmon, squid, and beef sousage (have no fish meat ball), it was hot, a bit sweet and sour, my hubby loved it đŸ™‚

and today, just thingking of pizza or fetucini when we were on the way home from the office this afternoon, but I decides went to hero and bought some stuffs, the interesting about hero fresh food market is, you will easily found the high quality product with 50% discount so I bought 3 different types of mushroom one of them are enoki mushroom, i don’t know the other two. I also bought some squid meat balls, fish tofus, fish meat ball, mushroom meat ball, fish n wijen ball. The one thing that cross my mind is steamboat with enoki, hmm so refreshing.

after I get home, I was browsing some steamboat recipes, and the result are…

Library lovers

Just remind me to a pizza name, meat lovers and so on…yes library lovers is beautiful interesting slogan for library campaign in sweden, just wondering how sweden become the only nordic country that does not have a national library policy….

Well, in Indonesia, even though have a national library policy, but it means nothing, since the library development in Indonesia is very slow especially in rural region. The people awareness about the library existence is still low and the government supports are not visible.

kevin b’day cup cakes

just found this on mbak raras blog, thanks mbak raras for kevin bday cup cakes, so cute…everybody loved it…

another one, this is kevin aqiqah cup cakes ….


Considering going overseas in the next couple of days/months?? you must first will think about the flight ticket. Since there are many flights available, you must choose the cheaper but offers great services. If so, don’t be afraid to get them online. According to my experience (hmmm, in fact this is my first flight booking, but I learned  a lot from it) buying ticket online vs travel agent both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, I went to booking dot com to see the ticket price range (i only know booking dot com) then I went to some travel agents in surabaya (actually I called them and ask for the flight ticket price), the result, the price is more expensive around $50-80. That is the first drawback, second, they only offer limited route choises, for instance when I choose flight Jakarta-Gothenburg with stop over in Singapore, Copenhagen, and Frankfurt, the travel agent didn’t provides those routes. They only offers some 3 or 4 different route choices, if you book online you may have more than 10 route choices from jakarta-gothenburg.

However, when you decide to buy online, you should ensure that you have sufficient credit card, because online booking usually receive credit card payment. The problem occurs when the price is exceeding the credit card limits, you should call the cc to increase the cc limit. Even now, some online vendors provide flexibility payment method to increase buyer. The common online payment methods are using credit card (off course), paypal, and bank transfer. Paypal is now very popular among people who conduct online transaction, and I think that paypal brings many benefit and ease of use on online payment.

Yes, finally I choose the online booking through the official flight company (lufthansa) and yet that was cheaper (jakarta-gothenburg return only $1200 something, and travel agent offers me $1600 or even $2000 for the same flight), easier, and time saving, moreover it was much cheaper than the travel agent has.

The marriage

Yes, two weeks ago we (me and DIP colleagues) received a maroon invitation, it was no surprising that one of our colleague will get married soon, since we knew the rumor about that before the invitation arrived. Preparation was made during that time, for instance the transportation and dresses (lol). Everyone was excited including me because I planned to take my only daughter with us to Kediri, however, one day before departure I decided not to take her along.

Fyi, that was the 2nd marriage for our friend (Pak Imam) congrats sir…I think after a long and winding road, finally he found someone that can fill the empty of his heart, especially to be a good mother to his daughter and son. We are very happy to hear the news just like the couple did. So, when we went to Kediri last sunday, it full of joy and good feeling. The party was amazing even though we went through the sugar cane field in the rural area (I can’t imagine if we went there [again] at night). Everything was going well, and everyone was very happy not mentioning about hot weather and sweat were everywhere…wash up our make up though.

Back to my marriage, well I can’t say that it was celebrated in very huge party, but a very simple and humble silent ceremony (because marriage not always goes with big party), and I was surprising that this year 2010, our marriage went to the 5th year. congrats to us đŸ™‚

ps: too bad, we forgot to grab some pic with our beautifully dresses…

Popular writing pt2

fiuh, I think I’m not a good writer. I can’t wrote with ‘heart’…because that’s the point of the opinion writing. Yesterday was the final of the workshop, and we presented some of our articles, because we only have two hours. Since our background is lecturer, so many of us were trapped to the journal article style, that newspaper didn’t want it. Newspaper style is simple and dense, and need some emotions.

So, I take the challenge to wrote an opinion article, and the result … haha..that was bad. But there are one or two people on the workshop that have true talent to wrote that kind of articles, even though they admitted that was her first writing. Well done for them. Maybe next time I will learn about that…popular writing…

special thanks to fisip UA and kompas (redaksi opini), and my ka-dept who invited me to attend this workshop.