Considering going overseas in the next couple of days/months?? you must first will think about the flight ticket. Since there are many flights available, you must choose the cheaper but offers great services. If so, don’t be afraid to get them online. According to my experience (hmmm, in fact this is my first flight booking, but I learned¬† a lot from it) buying ticket online vs travel agent both of them have advantages and disadvantages. Firstly, I went to booking dot com to see the ticket price range (i only know booking dot com) then I went to some travel agents in surabaya (actually I called them and ask for the flight ticket price), the result, the price is more expensive around $50-80. That is the first drawback, second, they only offer limited route choises, for instance when I choose flight Jakarta-Gothenburg with stop over in Singapore, Copenhagen, and Frankfurt, the travel agent didn’t provides those routes. They only offers some 3 or 4 different route choices, if you book online you may have more than 10 route choices from jakarta-gothenburg.

However, when you decide to buy online, you should ensure that you have sufficient credit card, because online booking usually receive credit card payment. The problem occurs when the price is exceeding the credit card limits, you should call the cc to increase the cc limit. Even now, some online vendors provide flexibility payment method to increase buyer. The common online payment methods are using credit card (off course), paypal, and bank transfer. Paypal is now very popular among people who conduct online transaction, and I think that paypal brings many benefit and ease of use on online payment.

Yes, finally I choose the online booking through the official flight company (lufthansa) and yet that was cheaper (jakarta-gothenburg return only $1200 something, and travel agent offers me $1600 or even $2000 for the same flight), easier, and time saving, moreover it was much cheaper than the travel agent has.

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