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banking ‘thing’

just arrived from some banks, i had to leave my office to do banking things. we have plan to open e-banking account a few months ago, however, today we have time to do that. we start around 10.30 am and it was raining so we hope that not many people queuing, but i was wrong, rain didn’t stop the crowd to the bank, but not many as on the clearly day. i think many banks in indonesia still depend on the human rather than machine, the fact that everyday¬† there are still many people who visit banks and conduct transactions with customer service or teller. when internet banking is not used and promoted widely to the users, and the lack of user’s technological skills trigger the ineffectiveness of internet banking. if all those users tempt to use internet banking for most their financial activities, i think there is no more queuing in the bank, and you don’t need to spent a whole day queuing.

back to my story, we went to bni to make e-banking application and education saving plan, we spent approximately an hour to finish transaction, and we moved to mandiri to apply for token but sadly after waiting almost an hour we informed that the token was run out, so we decided to ask new sms banking login, and it spent almost 30 minutes. we arrived at home around 1 pm hungry and tired, just like when we were working hehe…


last sunday, me and kevin and some other family member went to swimming pool and park, called iquana in pacet area. it takes about an hour drive from sidoarjo. that was kevin’s first time visit such kind of park, with many animal statues and playground. the intention was going to swim and playing water splash…

yes, kevin was very enthusiasm and alive, she mumble very loud and look so happy. i didn’t expected that she will very delightful with joy, she ran here and there, entering the snake cave, taking a picture with the rhinoceros, and up to slippery board (perosotan).

the swimming pool was very clean and fresh (mountain like water) i think that was the real mountain water. there were two pools, one side is for children with water splash and fountain, and circular board. other side is the deeper one, around 120cm depth, i can swam on it and so fresh. there were not many visitors that day, i think because iguana is a new park so not many people know about it. that was the good point, so you feel comfortable to play. oya, the ticket also quite cheap 15.000 rupiah/person for entering swimming area, however, if you only like to sight seeing around the park, you only pay 5.000, and free of charge for childreen below 2 years.

Muse: the resistance

Since I have kevin, my music adventure seems dead. I just said ough…when I opened muse website and I missed their latest album the resistance. Actually I heard some of their latest single like uprising, resistance on the radio while we drove. This album is very cozy, and a little bit ‘slow’ compare to black holes and revelation and absolution. My favorite one is I belong to you, if you like the melodic one you can try symphony part 1, 2, 3. Undisclosed desire also very nice listening song. overall, this album is must have album…

Ayah b’day and steam boat party

last week was celebration of ayah keke b’day, very special ‘cos ayah never wanted his b’day had been celebrated except with me of course. but that day I invited some closed families so he still felt comfortable. Usually we went lunch or dinner outside, however, last week I choose a ‘feel like home’ concept, and the venue was in our place, I shopped, cooked, and prepared. The menu were healthy food then I choose steam boat party for the main course, fruits pudding for the opening, and sweet b’day cake for the dessert, simple but fun.

I made it all of those dishes and that’s true internet is the best teacher. I got all those recipes on the net. Everybody happy and healthy. and the most important is, happy b’day ayah…wish you all the best and we love you.

below are pics from the steamboat party, hehe almost forget to take some pics…forget the pudding and the guests as well…note: just got all the steamboat ingredients from papaya, there are many steamboats option that makes you drooling…hhmm nyam..nyam.. I also bought some of it from hero.

Sweden Visa

I just rang the sweden consulate general in Surabaya asking for conference visa arrangement, but they informed me that they didn’t serve sweden visa, and suggested me to contact the embassy (in Jakarta). After I called the embassy’s number ( I got that from the website) the front-man told me about the sweden visa’ requirements, and the point is the applicant must come to the embassy to be interviewed that is mean that I should go to Jakarta…oh nooooo

Finally I plan my trip to Jakarta on mid June, but fortunately, a few days before I left I called the embassy (again) to ensure everything was correct. I rang the embassy and the officer who picked up the phone was hanna, I told her that i will coming to Jakarta in the next few days for visa purposes, and she was surprised that I don’t have any appointment so she refused me, and suggested to come to the embassy a week later.

Appointment, for Indonesian people is not an important thing, people tend to come straight away. In some foreign countries that have motto ‘time is money’ always count to an appointment. You can imagine if you wanna go to the dentist, GP, consultation with your lecturer, and anything else, without making any appointment, yup, you will wasting your precious time. For instance, I always spent at least 2 hours for medical consultation, in fact that the consultation only runs for 15 mins. Back again to my visa application, lesson number two, don’t underestimate the power of official website, as you know, I love to surf and looking around something new especially INFORMATION.

The website, for almost 2 weeks I put my eyes on the sweden embassy site, to read the visa requirement and any important additional information. But, still in Jakarta there were some important requirements that I forget to fulfill. On the site stated that I should make a copy of first page of my passport, and I should payed in advance the visa application 720 thousands IDR and I should brought the receipt along with application forms.

I though I can pay it through the ATM on the 1st floor of the building, but the ATM was out of order (damn) and I should cross the street to the another building nearby (haha I forgot the name) I only found BCA and HSBC, I’m not sure that they can transferred money to ANZ bank, and that was right they can’t. Finally I came to the last bank, Panin bank, and they only received credit card for the transaction and I felt like dumb and dumber hihi and mumbling ‘why I left my cc, when my hubby ask me to brought it’. Then I went up to the embassy again, and hanna other applicants suggested me to pay directly to ANZ bank in Sudirman….

My interview was fine, and she suggested me to provide the payment receipt today if I want my visa to be processed in the same day. I can sent it either by fax or delivered it by mail or come directly, the first and second options were impossible, I choose the third one.

Special thanks to EF, you show me everything about Jakarta and patiently accompanying me getting around jakarta , I also experienced riding the split bus haha.

To joy and ninik, for the funny lunch, that was so much fun

To sri, thanks for the shelter heheh, I slept like dead right and for the delightful break fast ‘nasi uduk’ just remind me to my college time 13 years ago.

last but not least, thanks to blue bird, did’t count how many blue bird that we had ride (forgot), that a recommended public transport in Jakarta very efficient even though a bit expensive but worth ed.