Ayah b’day and steam boat party

last week was celebration of ayah keke b’day, very special ‘cos ayah never wanted his b’day had been celebrated except with me of course. but that day I invited some closed families so he still felt comfortable. Usually we went lunch or dinner outside, however, last week I choose a ‘feel like home’ concept, and the venue was in our place, I shopped, cooked, and prepared. The menu were healthy food then I choose steam boat party for the main course, fruits pudding for the opening, and sweet b’day cake for the dessert, simple but fun.

I made it all of those dishes and that’s true internet is the best teacher. I got all those recipes on the net. Everybody happy and healthy. and the most important is, happy b’day ayah…wish you all the best and we love you.

below are pics from the steamboat party, hehe almost forget to take some pics…forget the pudding and the guests as well…note: just got all the steamboat ingredients from papaya, there are many steamboats option that makes you drooling…hhmm nyam..nyam.. I also bought some of it from hero.

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One thought on “Ayah b’day and steam boat party

  1. adi-wiyono August 27, 2010 at 11:04 pm Reply

    Saya melewatkan dan melupakan momen Pak To ultah.. Maapkann..
    Semoga beliau senantiasa diberi umur barokah, rejeki berkah, kesehatan bergairah, dan istri berlimpah.. Upsss, salah… Wekekeekek…

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