last sunday, me and kevin and some other family member went to swimming pool and park, called iquana in pacet area. it takes about an hour drive from sidoarjo. that was kevin’s first time visit such kind of park, with many animal statues and playground. the intention was going to swim and playing water splash…

yes, kevin was very enthusiasm and alive, she mumble very loud and look so happy. i didn’t expected that she will very delightful with joy, she ran here and there, entering the snake cave, taking a picture with the rhinoceros, and up to slippery board (perosotan).

the swimming pool was very clean and fresh (mountain like water) i think that was the real mountain water. there were two pools, one side is for children with water splash and fountain, and circular board. other side is the deeper one, around 120cm depth, i can swam on it and so fresh. there were not many visitors that day, i think because iguana is a new park so not many people know about it. that was the good point, so you feel comfortable to play. oya, the ticket also quite cheap 15.000 rupiah/person for entering swimming area, however, if you only like to sight seeing around the park, you only pay 5.000, and free of charge for childreen below 2 years.

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