banking ‘thing’

just arrived from some banks, i had to leave my office to do banking things. we have plan to open e-banking account a few months ago, however, today we have time to do that. we start around 10.30 am and it was raining so we hope that not many people queuing, but i was wrong, rain didn’t stop the crowd to the bank, but not many as on the clearly day. i think many banks in indonesia still depend on the human rather than machine, the fact that everyday  there are still many people who visit banks and conduct transactions with customer service or teller. when internet banking is not used and promoted widely to the users, and the lack of user’s technological skills trigger the ineffectiveness of internet banking. if all those users tempt to use internet banking for most their financial activities, i think there is no more queuing in the bank, and you don’t need to spent a whole day queuing.

back to my story, we went to bni to make e-banking application and education saving plan, we spent approximately an hour to finish transaction, and we moved to mandiri to apply for token but sadly after waiting almost an hour we informed that the token was run out, so we decided to ask new sms banking login, and it spent almost 30 minutes. we arrived at home around 1 pm hungry and tired, just like when we were working hehe…

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