Mad World

One of my favorite TV program is talent show like american, indonesian, and australian idol. That’s a singing contest for all age group and talented people. Those programs are very attractive that combine singing talent and entertainment. Those three idols that I ever seen were great and offers unpredictable show every week. I’ve been watching two idol american and australian and I found the similar song that been sang by the contestants on those idols mad world by tears for fear. For me the song is unpopuler in Indonesia because it was the 80’s song with disco genre (im not disco fan). However, when the idol contestants sang it brilliantly with the new arrangement then I really love this song.

I have two version of idols that sang the song, first was from Australian idol that beautifully sang by ben mackenzie on 2007, and the from American idol the superstar and runner up 2009 American Idol adam lambert also sang the song perfrctly.

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  1. Indonesian Idol 2012 May 19, 2012 at 8:27 am Reply

    Indonesian Idol 2012…

    […]Mad World « bedroom[…]…

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