1st day of 2013

This is a special post, now is 1 of January 2013, the new beginning. Honestly, everyday/month/year is the same, they all special if we can manage and use it wisely. Yesterday we (my big family) were celebrating new year eve in Pacet (Pacet is a highland, mountain area 15 km south of Mojosari). In fact that we don’t have special celebration for new year, but this year was different, my parent bought a small ‘villa’ in Pacet and they invite all relatives to join in their house.

The story begin with the gathering of my mother’s big family in Pacet, as usual, no gathering without food, food, and food. We ate set of tumpeng nasi kuning, many snacks, crackers, and fruits. We had a lot of fun out there, taking pictures in the chili field and when the afternoon comes, the mist was fall covering the houses and surrounding. So beautiful and cold end of December. When the night comes, the house was filled with guesses and laughing when they shared a funny stories.

What about me? I came to the house around 1 pm with my two wonderful children, kevin and adam, and my husband and mother in law. But, my daughter was upset because she like to swim on the pool but it was raining so we only set up a inflatable pool for her in the yard, I hope that will make her happy (but she didn’t), after she swam in the ‘pool’ she was really upset (not comfortable meeting many new people), and she asked her father to go home. Finally, around 4 pm, my husband and my daughter went back to SIdoarjo. Me and the little boy stay on Pacet and celebrates the new year with the rest of the familly, there were around 20 people who stayed until midnite. Happy New Year 2013…


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