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banking ‘thing’

just arrived from some banks, i had to leave my office to do banking things. we have plan to open e-banking account a few months ago, however, today we have time to do that. we start around 10.30 am and it was raining so we hope that not many people queuing, but i was wrong, rain didn’t stop the crowd to the bank, but not many as on the clearly day. i think many banks in indonesia still depend on the human rather than machine, the fact that everyday¬† there are still many people who visit banks and conduct transactions with customer service or teller. when internet banking is not used and promoted widely to the users, and the lack of user’s technological skills trigger the ineffectiveness of internet banking. if all those users tempt to use internet banking for most their financial activities, i think there is no more queuing in the bank, and you don’t need to spent a whole day queuing.

back to my story, we went to bni to make e-banking application and education saving plan, we spent approximately an hour to finish transaction, and we moved to mandiri to apply for token but sadly after waiting almost an hour we informed that the token was run out, so we decided to ask new sms banking login, and it spent almost 30 minutes. we arrived at home around 1 pm hungry and tired, just like when we were working hehe…

kevin b’day cup cakes

just found this on mbak raras blog, thanks mbak raras for kevin bday cup cakes, so cute…everybody loved it…

another one, this is kevin aqiqah cup cakes ….

It’s not easy, to be a [good] mother

Never though that one day (today) i became a mother to a beautiful & healthy daughter, also never cross on my mind (until today) that i should taking care of her. Yes, being a mother [good mother] is not an easy job, where I also a working mom. I feel that I need more than 24 hours a day to finish anything, before go to bed. Ensure everything is ok with her is the hardest job, starting from her daily food, toys, activities, and snack, all of those items should be balance. For instance, meal and snack, playing and learning, movies and books, socialize and sleeping. All in all, every activity should caters her physical, emotional, and psychological aspect.

The problems occur when you should leave your baby at home coz you are working. You should rely on someone who take care of the baby, i did it to my gal as well, so I can’t control her 24/7. In fact that my gal got cough and running nose i feel guilty to myself not provides her with ‘the best’ daily basis for her. But, it’s too late now, she got flu and the only thing I can do is comforting her and give her breast milk as much as I and she could, bring back her feeding appetite, and make her happy.

That is only one simple example about the mom’s job, but I believe the more she getting older, the more problem and job that I should take care of. and I always mumbling to myself, yeah it’s not easy to be a good mom…

8 days a week

that the words that been spoken to my hubby regarding to his patient and willingness to drove me from home to my office, and always be there when I need him, anytime…

to my hubby: thank you for your never ending love and understanding…

the rain

the rain was started a few days ago, not much but enough to shower the earth. my wonderful little princes very excited when her father shows her the first rain. it wasn’t to cold, but that was enough to relieves hot at night. even though it is a difficult choice when I’ve asked whether i love rain or not? i can say that i love it because rain gives peaceful on earth but on the other hand, rain also brings disaster for some reasons. i hate when i go back from work in the afternoon in the heavy rain, since that was very dangerous to drove under the rain and the tree falls was always haunted you a long the way.

if i go back to two years ago, rain has different meaning to me. when you heard the rain hit the windows, it felt that you had been captured in a small chamber. you can seen the rain through the window and usually came with the heavy wind. not too scary, no fallen tree, no drove under the rain, no fear.

with little princes, i face the rain confidently, hopefully the little princess will loves the rain as i do. i also hope that she can be the rain that gives warm to the hot earth.

Damn hot

Today is very hot, everywhere, starting from the office, the air conditioning was off, then move to the home but it is still hot, now 8 pm and is raining outside, but inside is still bloody hot…