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Mad World

One of my favorite TV program is talent show like american, indonesian, and australian idol. That’s a singing contest for all age group and talented people. Those programs are very attractive that combine singing talent and entertainment. Those three idols that I ever seen were great and offers unpredictable show every week. I’ve been watching two idol american and australian and I found the similar song that been sang by the contestants on those idols mad world by tears for fear. For me the song is unpopuler in Indonesia because it was the 80’s song with disco genre (im not disco fan). However, when the idol contestants sang it brilliantly with the new arrangement then I really love this song.

I have two version of idols that sang the song, first was from Australian idol that beautifully sang by ben mackenzie on 2007, and the from American idol the superstar and runner up 2009 American Idol adam lambert also sang the song perfrctly.

Muse: the resistance

Since I have kevin, my music adventure seems dead. I just said ough…when I opened muse website and I missed their latest album the resistance. Actually I heard some of their latest single like uprising, resistance on the radio while we drove. This album is very cozy, and a little bit ‘slow’ compare to black holes and revelation and absolution. My favorite one is I belong to you, if you like the melodic one you can try symphony part 1, 2, 3. Undisclosed desire also very nice listening song. overall, this album is must have album…

The inspiring songs of 2006-2008

The incredible two years, full of great and inspiring songs that fill our live. Songs in up and down, laugh and tears. Songs that keeps our spirit live, gives an extra energy to do an extraordinary things. Songs that represents love, hopes, hard work, never give in, power, and brave. It seems that all those songs are alive in our mind that always brings our beautiful memories back. 

1. Under the iron sea album by keane, almost all the songs in the album are amazing–a bad dream, atlantic, leaving so soon, try again, isn’t any wonder. 

2. Muse–invisible, starlight, knight of cydonia, x politics, 

3. Darren hayes–so beautiful

4. James blunt–wise man

5. Nat basingwaithe & Shannon noll–don’t give up

6. Collective soul–home

7. Live–overcome

8. U2 & Mary J blide–one

9. Maroon 5–wake up call

10. Coldplay–fix you, hardest part 

11. Pink–Dear mr president

12. and many other songs that I can’t remember who sang it that i can’t forget the tune.

Keane: perfect symmetry


It’s a good news for anyone who loves keane, on 13th October 2008 they had released the 3rd album  perfect symmetry internationally, following on 20th October in Indonesia. They released the first single spiraling for perfect symmetry on August 2008, the song is a bit different to the other songs from previous keane’s albums. It shows that there is a change in keane’s music, the other single perfect symmetry also offers something different. Both singles are more groovy and fun, richer than before, dynamic and more keane. 

The album consists of 11 songs including spiraling and the lovers are losing as their first and second single respectively. To support the album keane conducted many tours across UK, europe, and the US during the year. Many of their fans are waiting to see them live with the new songs. Keane was formed in 1995 in East sussex, comprises of trio bassist and pianist tim rice-oxley, vocalist tom chaplin, and drummer richard hughes. They’ve been released hope and fears in 2004 and under the iron sea in 2006.

The best of radiohead

EMI/Parlophone just releases the Radiohead compilation album named best of Radiohead on 2nd of June this year. Unfortunately, this is not the Radiohead’s initiation since they decided not to renew the contract with the major label (EMI) last year when they released in rainbows. There is no intention from Radiohead to do some promos for this album neither feel bothered by the album’s releases. 

The song list: 

CD1: Just, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Creep, No surprises, High and dry, My iron lung, There there, Lucky, Fake plastic tree, Idioteque, 2+2=5, The bends, Pyramid song, Street spirit, Everything in its right place.

CD2: Airbag, I might be wrong, Go to sleep, Let down, Planet telex, Exit music, The national anthem, Knives out, Talk show host, You, Anyone can play guitar, How to disappear completely, True love waits.

For those who never has Radiohead album before, The best of Radiohead is worth to buy, but, as a big fan of Radiohead of course I don’t have any plan to buy it since I have all of Radiohead album as my collection. 

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viva la vida

                         the 4th upcoming coldplay album will be released on 12 of june this year. still can’t have any review about that coz never heard the single seriously. i will give the overview soon after buy the single. why viva la vida, chris martin said that he’s inspired by frida kahlo’s painting ‘viva la vida’.