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did you ever shopping on e-bay? well, most of the internet users must be familiar with ebay, the company that has founded in 1995 has become the successful online auction company in the world currently, well known with the ranges of collectable items, selling product from handycraft into real eastate, sells new as well second hand stuffs, has built localized websites in 30 other countries, in 2005 ebay has 181 millions registered users worldwide, and its gross merchandise volume reach US$34 billion in 2005. no wonder that ebay to become the king of online auction in the world.

in 2002 ebay acquiring paypal to support its business in order to privides safe payment method. until this moment ebay still believes that paypal is the safest payment method to reduce frauds. as an auctioneer ebay dealing with many individual buyers and sellers, and it’s not an easy thing since there are many unknown individual who transact in ebay. therefore, the shopping policy should be declared clearly so users will aware before their shopping on ebay.

as a big online marketplace, ebay attracts both buyer and seller to transact in ebay, this is will bring benefits to the seller where they can gain a lot of revenue, and for the buyer, ebay offers many ranges of stuff that they can chose easily. however, because ebay is very well known, the price on ebay sometimes extremely high compare to other small online auction company.

fraud on ebay is not a rare thing happens, most of the cases are the seller didn’t send the item, buyer wouldn’t pay the item, the item sent is not as description, buyer claims that they alreday pay but in fact they hasn’t. so both buyer and seller has a chance commit fraud. i also have experinece with ebay fraud, it was a long time ago, i bought 2 ticket concerts, and the seller should send the ticket soon because the concert date was very close (withing 1 week), the item location was in melbourne and i believd with australian post. however, the day the concert due, the ticket hasn’t arive, and it arived 2 weeks after the concert due. what a pity, and the bad thing is, i couldn’t anything at that moment, just complaining to the seller without any response. actually i could open dispute about this case, but that was my first shoping on ebay. now i’ve become more expert (haha) because lot of experinece of cource, more carefull, read the instruction carefully, and shopping wisely.

there are many amazing thing on ebay actually, you can just walking around, seeing stuff, compare price before you shopping in land. sometimes ebay offers cheapers price on particular stuff compare to manual retail, and the stuff is delivered to your door (what a cozy shopping method).


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