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Exercise during pregnancy

Some pregnant women still wants to do an exercise during their pregnancy, this is because they used to to exercise and need to achieve a healthy life during pregnancy. However, there is a condition where exercise may harmful the pregnancy. Improper exercise may result bleeding even miscarriage. Women who used to exercise before they pregnant may feel uncomfortable when they should stop all the exercise activities. Therefore, those women tries to find a good and safe exercise to support pregnancy.

Exercise during pregnancy is very good as long as it is conducted under instruction for example from the doctor. Women should understand their body before exercise, if you are feel so tired then stop exercise, on the other hand, when you have an extra energy you may be able to do exercise. The exercise duration should become a consideration, you can consume half or a quarter of your usual exercise time during pregnant. How many times a week? it depends on the body’s need and strength. 2 or 3 times low impact exercise a week should be fine.

What kind of exercise that suitable for pregnancy? there are many ranges of exercise that available for pregnancy, but the most important is choose the low impact exercise such as swimming, yoga for pregnant, slow walking, weight lifting (use the small weight to train arms), aerobic for pregnant. The point is to avoid heavy exercise that uses cardiovascular, such as running, jumping, and weigh lifting use heavy weight, use stomach muscles like in pilates. Many people said that swimming is the good exercise for pregnant.


Combat, attack, or pump

Starting from this semester (January 2008), there are three additional group fitness exercises, body combat, body attack, and body pump, under license of les mills Australia. Les mills is known with their body series, body combat, attack, pump, steps, balance, and jam. Body combat is a cardiovascular exercise combine boxing, karate, and taekwondo, it needs kicking, punching, and jumping. Body combat is good exercise because it works in all part of the body, upper body (punching), and lower body (kicking and jumping). Body attack, it’s high impact choreographed exercise that combines high intensity aerobic, strength, and stabilization. Body attack is rapid calorie burner, good for weight loss program. Body pump, is a weight lifting exercise that uses free weight / barbel. The purposes of this exercise is to strengthen the entire body that works with all major muscle groups. The exercise combines squats, presses, lifts and curls. 

Those 60 minutes exercises are very good for calories burner, supported by good musics and nice choreography. The drawback of the exercise is, it changing every three months, so, you will repeated exactly the same exercise for three months (unless the instructor combines the movement). How much calories burned during the exercise? for 60 minutes body combat you will burned approximately 600-800 calories depends on the enthusiasm during the class, while body attack burned 700-900 calories, and body pump can burned up to 600 calories depend on age, and barbel weight. 

Many people said that attack is massive calorie burner compare to combat and pump, I totally agree, body attack is hard exercise ( I give up at the first 20 minutes) honestly I rarely do attack, just one or two, and I prefer body combat and pump. Combat is fun, pump is great to tone the body without jumping around. 

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High vs low impact exercise

Those terms are very familiar in exercise environment. Some people chose low impact exercise because they don’t want to push their heart to working hard, some people like high impact to burn more calories. The question is, what the low and high impact exercise is? and what are the benefits for the body?

When you feet leave the ground simultaneously during exercise, that’s called high impact exercise. The exercise that categories as a high impact are running, jumping jack, jumping rope, some aerobics also categories as high impact when the movement consists of running and jumping. High impact exercise is very powerful for fat burning and weight lost program, help strengthen the bones and improve endurance. High impact exercise is not suitable for people with joint injury, osteoporosis, overweight, new beginner exercise, and other medical problem.

Low impact exercise is slow movement, easy and light exercise. Low impact exercise don’t need hard movement intensity. With low impact exercise people still can burn calories and lose weight, because you can still work out and develop strength. The examples of low impact exercise are aquatic including swimming, aquarobic, pilates, yoga, weight lifting. Most people who don’t like high impact exercise choose the low impact one because low impact it’s easier to do, and more refreshing. 

Which exercise that you like, it depend on your preferences, purposes why you doing exercise, and your health condition. For beginner, it is good to start with low impact exercise rather than straight to high impact one. Make your muscles, bones, and heart make adjustment in exercise environment, then increase the exercise intensity gradually. Once your body has adapts with the regular exercise you can start the high impact exercise without found any problem. 

Shins splint

It’s been two days I was suffering from lower leg pain every time I’m doing high impact exercise (aerobic), it was very disturbing, because the pain was increasing significantly during the exercise. In the first day, within the 10 minutes warming up, everything was fine, but on the next 30 minutes it was horrible, but I can still continue the aerobic even though my leg was pain and  feel uncomfortable. The solution on that time was not to pressure my leg to do the hard steps, jumping, and running. The pain is suddenly gone every time I take some rest. The next day I was doing the same exercise, but I still got the same result, lower leg pain or shin splint in medical term.

I’m still wondering what is the culprit that causes my leg pain during the exercise, coz I never experience the same problem before. I also exercise regularly every day. I’m starting to remember my exercises within the last 2 weeks, I went to the sport centre everyday, doing body combat, attack, NRG, body pump, oh great…all of those exercise are high impact that needs running, jumping, kicking, weight lifting, and whatsoever. Maybe I work to hard on it, since I never ever done such a crazy exercise like that. 

The solution, stop exercise that might causes the pain worst, just take some rest for a while doing low impact exercise swimming, yoga, pilates, cycling. Combine low and high impact exercise as well as strength and flexibility. Uses ice to reduce pain if necessary, uses heat or shin supporter, if it getting worst, just go to the doctor. 

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pilates v yoga

some people are still hardly distinguish between pilates and yoga. both of them are low impact exersice, emphasising on strenght, balanced, and concentration. pilates was founded by joseph pilates in early 20th century. the purposes of this exersise was to improve the rehabilitation program for war veterans. pilates also can be used as a treatment method for injure by strengthening, streching, and stabilizing key muscle. the pilates method is using mind to control the muscles. The program focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep the body balanced and which are essential to providing support for the spine.  In particular, Pilates exercises teach awareness of breath and alignment of the spine, and aim to strengthen the deep torso muscles.

on the other hand, yoga is defined as a discipline of asceticism and meditation that are thought to lead to spiritual experiences and a profound understanding or insight into the nature of existence. nowadays people doing yoga to build a good posture (asanas), and develop flexibility. yoga has become a popular exersice since it combine meditation to reduce stress and low impact exercise that includes streching and consentration.

those exercise are not for calorie burner purposes, but if you are practice pilates or yoga regularly that will bring benefits for posture development, and muscles strenght. some of benefits of pilates are improve muscle strenght and tone, increase flexibility and core strenght, improved posture, prevent from injury, improved concentration, stress management and relaxation. some benefits of yoga are improved postural strenght, increased flexibility, reduced fatigue, reduced pain, enhance ability to concentrate, ability to cope stress. so, they quite similar isn’t it. and if you are so tired to do the high impact aerobic, pilates and yoga would be the good choise for daily exercise.



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