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The marriage

Yes, two weeks ago we (me and DIP colleagues) received a maroon invitation, it was no surprising that one of our colleague will get married soon, since we knew the rumor about that before the invitation arrived. Preparation was made during that time, for instance the transportation and dresses (lol). Everyone was excited including me because I planned to take my only daughter with us to Kediri, however, one day before departure I decided not to take her along.

Fyi, that was the 2nd marriage for our friend (Pak Imam) congrats sir…I think after a long and winding road, finally he found someone that can fill the empty of his heart, especially to be a good mother to his daughter and son. We are very happy to hear the news just like the couple did. So, when we went to Kediri last sunday, it full of joy and good feeling. The party was amazing even though we went through the sugar cane field in the rural area (I can’t imagine if we went there [again] at night). Everything was going well, and everyone was very happy not mentioning about hot weather and sweat were everywhere…wash up our make up though.

Back to my marriage, well I can’t say that it was celebrated in very huge party, but a very simple and humble silent ceremony (because marriage not always goes with big party), and I was surprising that this year 2010, our marriage went to the 5th year. congrats to us 🙂

ps: too bad, we forgot to grab some pic with our beautifully dresses…