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Seafood steamboat

Just love to cook lately, yesterday I cook nasi gila that so yummy with beef sousages and chicken rolade and scrumble eggs with tomato sauce. Two days ago, I had seafood tom yum soup that comprises of fresh tuna, fresh salmon, squid, and beef sousage (have no fish meat ball), it was hot, a bit sweet and sour, my hubby loved it 🙂

and today, just thingking of pizza or fetucini when we were on the way home from the office this afternoon, but I decides went to hero and bought some stuffs, the interesting about hero fresh food market is, you will easily found the high quality product with 50% discount so I bought 3 different types of mushroom one of them are enoki mushroom, i don’t know the other two. I also bought some squid meat balls, fish tofus, fish meat ball, mushroom meat ball, fish n wijen ball. The one thing that cross my mind is steamboat with enoki, hmm so refreshing.

after I get home, I was browsing some steamboat recipes, and the result are…